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[Contribution] Super Download Store for Version 2.3.x


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I use this super-download-store for my shop and discover something weird.



When a customer got 3 order in account_history _info. The file download of the latest order can be downloaded. So the last order shows everything fine. But the 2 order before gives the same download file as the latest order. 


It seems somehting to do with


if (DOWNLOAD_ENABLED == 'true') include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'downloads.php');



In the file I see  $last_order. And not a download connection to the right order. 


Has anyone else got this problem?


Example The downloadlink of order 157 gives the lastest downloadlink domain.com.....order=158&id=179


instead of order=157&id=179

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tried this in another forum ..... but nothing .....


I haven't been able to find an answer to this :

In Catalog/product attributes. When I click the drop down box and select a page of products (with over 100 pages of products), all it does is add an empty product.


I am using the  'Super Download Store' Contrib. 


I'm sure the problem is in the products_attributes.php, but I'm not sure. Or might it be in one of the other php modules?


Any help???



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  • 11 months later...

Is it save? I get


Regular expression match = [symlink\\s*\\(]:
 in /download.php’

   // BOF Super Download Store v2.3.x mod
    symlink(DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD . $downloads['orders_products_filename'], DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC . $tempdir . '/' . $file_name);
    tep_redirect(DIR_WS_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC . $tempdir . '/' . $file_name);
  } else {
// This will work on all systems, but will need considerable resources
// We could also loop with fread($fp, 4096) to save memory
    set_time_limit(0); // Prevent the script from timing out for large files
    tep_download_buffered(DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD . $downloads['orders_products_filename']);
// EOF Super Download Store v2.3.x mod
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  • 3 months later...

Can this add-on be adapted for use with 2.3.4BS? Before I dive into it, I'd like to hear anyone's experience with such. I'm assuming that the SDS functionality isn't built into 2.3.4BS already!


Second, when I try to download the add-on, it appears to be a fix for PayPal on v2.3.3.4. Is the real SDS somewhere else?

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This addon was developed I believe to stop customers getting downloads without paying for them. It was possible to buy a product, go through to paypal and then return to the site without paying and the download was available. I think that can still be done with the current version of oscommerce. It certainly could with 2.3.1.


I use this on my current store and it does what it is supposed to. It automates the way download files are sold. In the current official version of oscommerce you have to manually change the order status of the sale so that the buyer gets the download. There are settings that can be changed in the standard setup to allow immeadiate downloads, but that also affects all other sales. With this addon it checks that a payment has been received and then allows the download.


Now it does come with some associated rubbish which I never use as I dont use large files sizes or want lots of downloads in one file, so a lot got removed on the product_attributes page so it does not show.


The top download file is only the update and not the full package, you have to go further down the list to get that. This is one addon that I want to use on bootstrap version and was getting to have a look at. If you want any help let me know. Apart from a few changes to the front end, most of this affects the back end if I remember right. It will be good to see what you can come up with.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I have also posted this in the general support area, but got no responses, so only assume that others are not using this addon. Thought that a quick post here may get some thought processes working on how to get this to work as a module with no core code changes.


My store sells downloads. Those downloads need to be instantly available once paid for by the customer.


Now my current store uses the super download store addon found at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7783


This addon was created from the original download controller addon to remove a hole in the downloads process and to also automate the process after checking that a payment had been made. As far as my testing shows the hole is still there, but less publicized than it used to be in the latest version of oscommerce BS. I can also, by playing with the standard download settings, not get to a position where the download is automatically available for the customer to get even if they have paid without manually having to change the order status. As my store also sells physical products I cant mess with the settings too much, otherwise they are affected.


To keep in line with current thinking I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to convert this addon to a module that requires no core code changes. My store also uses PWA so that may need modding as well. If this can be sorted some how it would be great, and I can make my store live.


What ideas do people have in creating a better downloads process and/or converting this addon.


If this cant be done as a module I am more than happy to add it in manually, and will update the addon, but may be its time to re write the download process files in the core code to make them safe and immediate.


Jack - Did you ever start playing with this for the BS version.


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Please rewrite the download.php


I sell MP3's from my store along with the physical CD counterpart. It is a complete nightmare getting people to their download after purchase.

Having them go to account history, order view, and the text-based download button is a killer. I have update the download button to be more of a button, but there has to be a better way.

1. I have had suggestions where the download was emailed to the customer after purchase. I am not particularly fond of that route. Some of my MP3 albums are over 100MB.

2. I have had suggestions for the download link immediately after purchase, as long as the payment type places the order in the proper status. I think this would be the best fix.

3. I've had issues where they've had trouble locating their download after purchase on a different device. I think that can be solved with a module showing your available downloads in a sidebar.

4. The final issue I've run into is Guest purchases. I'm not sure if that can be tackled as guests have no way to get back to their downloads once the session is gone.

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  • 8 months later...

I inherited an existing store using SDS. Most downloads are multi-file, with groups set  up to accommodate.

I am migrating site to new server & the multi-file downloads don't work now. The order detail shows filename as GROUP_??.

Can someone advise:

 1. Are the individual files created on the fly? Or are they a perm part of the order database?

 2. Which PHP file does the GROUP lookup parsing  to create individual file names?

 3. I hired a developer to help me with a Paypal issue & since then this is occurring. We ended up changing download status from 5 to 4 & I believe this is related to the glitch. However, the developer thinks different.

 4. In Admin I see the following errors. Any clue/tips/hints?

Note:I'm also a OSC newbie trying to get up to speed yesterday.

Much thanks, in advance!



List of Unused Files in Download Directory DL-BL38_UHT_Passport.pdf DL-BL44_Chi_Kids_I.pdf DL-BL45_Chi_Kids_II.pdf DL-BL46_Tao_Congress_2010.pdf DL-BL47_Pi_Bu_Chi_Kungb.pdf DL-PC02_Tao_Garden.pdf DL-PC05_Chang_Kuo-Lao.pdf DL-PC06_Chaun_Chung-Li.pdf DL-PC07_Han_Hsien-Ku.pdf DL-PC08_Ho_Hsien-Ku.pdf DL-PC09_Lan_Tsai-Ho.pdf DL-PC10_Li_Tich-Kuai.pdf DL-PC11_Lu_Tung-Pin.pdf DL-PC12_Kuan_Yin.pdf DL-PC13_Tsao_Kuo-Chiu.pdf creating-playing-DVD.html dl-dvd01-2005.html dl-dvd01-2007.html dl-dvd01-2012.html dl-dvd02-2007.html dl-dvd02-2012.html dl-dvd02.html dl-dvd03.html dl-dvd04-2005.html dl-dvd04-2013.html dl-dvd05.html dl-dvd06.html dl-dvd07.html dl-dvd08.html dl-dvd09-2004.html dl-dvd09-2007.html dl-dvd09-2011.html dl-dvd10.html dl-dvd101.html dl-dvd102.html dl-dvd104.html dl-dvd109.html dl-dvd11-2005.html dl-dvd11-2011.html dl-dvd110.html dl-dvd111.html dl-dvd114.html dl-dvd12.html dl-dvd13.html dl-dvd14-2004.html dl-dvd14-2008.html dl-dvd14-2011.html dl-dvd15-2004.html dl-dvd15-2007.html dl-dvd15-2011.html dl-dvd16.html dl-dvd17.html dl-dvd18-2004.html dl-dvd18-2005.html dl-dvd18-2013.html


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