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How to modify USU5 PRO to accept Chinese characters in the URI


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This post only describes how to modify USU5 PRO to accept Chinese characters in the URI.

If you have any other problems when using USU5 or USU5 PRO, please go to following topic.



File - /catalog/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/validator.php


Usu_Main::i()->setVar( 'request_compare_in', remove_session_id( htmlspecialchars_decode( Usu_Main::i()->getVar( 'original_request_uri' ) ) ) );


Usu_Main::i()->setVar( 'request_compare_in', remove_session_id( htmlspecialchars_decode( urldecode( Usu_Main::i()->getVar( 'original_request_uri' ) ) ) ) );


Root Cause:

In Usu_Validator::validate() function, it will compare the 'incoming seo uri' and 'new seo uri', it will fail to go to desired page if thry are different. However, the encoded 'incoming seo uri' always different to decoded 'new seo uri' when URLs has Chinese. To solve this problem, you could simply add urldecode function when setting 'incoming seo uri'.



Robert Fisher - FWR Media



Thanks to Rob for kindly help

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