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About Multi Language/Currency Support


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I just isntalled ms1 and started playing with it. One thing I found annoying is the language icon and currency drop-down box. They were always there even though I selected only one language and currency. They should be hidden automatically in this case.


Another thing is the language icon. Can we use names instead of flags to represent different languages? Because some languages are being used in more than one countries such as English, using flags may be confusing.


I posted this yesterday, but it didn't show up for some reason. If you already saw my last post, please ignore this one.

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Actually I did what you told me. But there may be some other people who also feel the same way. So I suggest it's included in the release. I guess it would be easy to add the logic in your code to hide the language and currency choices when only one language or currency is configured and display them when more than one language/currency configured in the system.

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The problem is ... some folks who use 1 language want the language box to show ... and may leave it as is, or change the title to read:


Made in the USA ...


Or some thing like that.


So now, changing it to your method breaks it for those who want that box even with one language.


Can't win for loosing ... :shock:

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