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Authorize.net CVV and ADC fix for MS1


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The symptoms are listed here: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=125850



1054 - Unknown column 'comments' in 'field list'

insert into orders (.. yadda yadda


1054 - Unknown column 'new_value' in 'field list'


insert into orders_status_history (orders_id, new_value, date_added, customer_notified) values ('22', '1', now(), '1')




The comments field has moved from the order table to the orders_status_history and the new_value is now order_status in the order table. Had to change the checkout_process.php file to point the data to the right tables/fields.




The problem is the following contributions with the MS1 db structure:


Authorize.net CVV mod



Authorize.net ADC mod



The checkout_process.php file is trying to add data to a fields that no longer exist or have been moved and therefore stops in the process, not completeting the order and population of the db. We will get this added to the contrib.


You can download the fixed file here:




Then just change it from .txt to .php and place it in your /catalog/ dir.

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When you upgraded to MS1 I know that the field comments is now not in the table orders but now in orders_status_history.


When you upgraded, how (which SQL statements were used? )did you move the contents of comments from your pre MS1 table orders to the MS1 table orders_status_history?


Are previous customers (from pre

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Okay...I just discovered the answer.


It was in the new MS2 installation in the extras folder.


For anyone needing this, just run in the extras/pr21_to_pr22/order_comments.php file on your server.



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