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Help get SPPC for oscommerce 2.2rca working


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Hey good morning all,


Ok, for the past 3 days I've been working on SPPC the first 2 days was installing and yesterday it was completed but i got some syntax errors. I went back and some how was able to fix it so catagories.php and specials.php to work properly. my site seems to be working properly still but for some reason there's no customer group slot where there should be under admin/customers. pretty much the install didn't go through as smoothly as i wanted it to. I had 3 files that were different and didn't know how to modify them, i tried my best deleted a partial of the code that matched to be modified. files were includes/modules/newproducts.php; specials.php; products_new.php.

There was another file i cant remember which one but it was only different by 2 words and it seemed like there doing the same thing as the code had been laid out for. could these files be the reason why it aint working let me know, and if someone can tell me how to modify them correctly I'll be greatly appreciative!!

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I'm goign to be installing this module right now on a VERY heavily modded store, i hope things go smoothly but i was wondering if and how i can make it so that it basically shows it like this...


if there is no special or SPPC display regular price

if there is a special and no SPPC diaplay the special

if there is no special and a SPPC display the SPPC

if there is a special and a SPPC display the lower price


in a previous install i had major problems with this and the specials were never displayed (very very annoying) i worked around it but not properly at all.


Jedijynx i am on RC2.2a so i will see how i fare if i fail i will figure out the problems and let you know.

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