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option type feature - desperate enough to try anything


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Help please. I have spent the past month deep in oscommerce tweaking. I am soooo impressed. Then, last night, the lady I am doing the cart for told me she needed personalization options, i.e. a blue coffee cup with her NAME on it, ie. type attribute. I downloaded the option type feature contribution, and I can't get it to work on clean install of 2.2 MS1.


I spent half of last night trying to install this addon. It wouldn't work.


This is so disheartening since everything else the OSCommerce cart does is exactly what she needs. All I could do is tell her I would check into the alternatives and beg for a couple of days of research time.


If anyone has ever done this type option thing I would love to hear about it since at this point I see my only choice as finding another cart that will do what she needs to do.



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There are others including myself who need this option like yesterday, however Linda who wrote it, evidently has to make some changes before it will work correctly with the new MS1 snapshot version of oscommerce.


It is hard on many contributors as they have to update their work nearly every time a new snap comes down the pike! Just for us! They are great folk!


I still can't wait to get it.... tell your lady customer it is the best shop on the net and it will be worth the wait!


Good Luck!

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Actually I wrote the Attribtues Sorter and Copier based on David's Attribute Enhancement.


The Options Add-on is a seperate one written by someone else.


But that would give you the text field you need for your product's attributes.

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I have the Attribs Sorter Copier V5 from Contribs based on Snap Dec 14.


The shop I am doing this on is MS1 and I just read where V5 doesn't work with MS1. Is that correct please?


Also How do I do the Table changes? In PhpMyAdmin?


Can you give just a short desc of what to do please ?





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Frankly to go to the MS1 and newer snapshots, the Attributes Sorter v5.1 needs a rewrite and I am not done yet.


There are a lot of features to it and there are conflicts right now in the Catalog with the and new things to update in the Admin.


I will be posting it when I am done.

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