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Yesterday, i posted a link to help simplify the search for a merchant service to process orders for those who dont know where to look for one. Today i think we should all be aware of what we getting into when signing up with a merchant company.

Sometimes, we see they say NO CONTRACT ,yeah right,

But in fact with my bad experience with merchant services, i know some things for facts like :

Find out if there are any fees whatsoever that aren't disclosed. Here is a list of some of the garbage fees that merchants services make you pay because they you are not aware:


- Chargeback fees

- Retrieval fees

- Termination fees

- Gateway fees

- Gateway Per Item fees

- Hidden setup charges

- Non-refundable setup charges

- Batch fees

- Cancellation fees

- Minimum fees

- Pass through fees (these vary)

- Over limit fees

- Voice Authorization fees

- Voice AVS fees

- Non-Sufficient Funds fees

- Bank Setup fees

- Daily Close-out fees

- Software fees

- Licensing Fees

- Annual fees

- Amex/Discover setup fees

- Statement Fees (more for more services)

- Customer Support fees

- Technical Support fees



If you are concern for the future of your business and yourself , read this before signing up for a merchant account with those rip off company.... I know plenty because i have been a victim. But for my own safety i wont say any company's name.

Here's the link:




Hope this will help.

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I've also been a VICTIM. It would be interesting to see just how many

other small/medium companies have been with the above charges. :?:


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The part i liked about this site is the truth behind it. Dont get me wrong . Yet it is another company trying to get customers too. But hey dude THEY ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH .

The funniest part of it is that i dont work for them but you know where i am from , there's a saying that says :IF YOU GOT BITTEN ONCE BY A SNAKE, YOU GET SCARED WHEN YOU SEE A WARM . So my theory is to share this with you guys.


Good Advice


If you really want to get as close as possible to the truth about credit card processing companies visit the Google Groups at http://www.google.com/grphp and follow these instructions:


1. Type in the name of the company that you are considering signing up with and add one of these keywords to it: "scam" "fraud" "lawsuit" "ripoff" "sucks" "dishonest" "illegal" without the quotes.


2. Find out what people are saying and see who has the best reputation. Be sure to check the dates.


I was amazed to find out how many companies were either suing their own customers for an unpaid cancellation fee or would not issue a refund to an unhappy customer or would withdraw unpaid fees directly from a merchants account without prior notification.


Remember that many companies try to cloak their dishonest practices by selling out to a bigger company when the going gets tough. These problems will not just go away so do your homework and find out the history of the company you are considering signing up with.

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Wow very interesting stuff. Not even long ago i was talking about this to one of my younger brothers that owns a company online . And he told me he got ripped off by a company so right now they are in court. But hey whatever your name is thanks for the link.

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