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skip shipping (or payment) problem


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For our church's webshop we want to be able to sell event-tickets. This first event is free and this presents a problem in osc.


I have installed 2 modules, one that skips shipping when the weight is 0 and anotherone that skips payment if the total amount is 0. Which in this case should lead you from the shoppingcart immediately to the confirmationpage (since there is no weight and the event is free).

After I've installd all this the systems works fine the first 5 times or so, after that whenever someone wants to register for the event they get a page saying "Page cannot be displayed". As far as I understand it says this when trying to load (or: skip) checkout_shipping.php, but when I buy a product that DOES cost money and doesn't need to be shipped the module has no problem skipping the shipping page...


Can anyone please hlp me find out what is going wrong? Why does it work for a short while and then suddenly stop working again? And why does it work perfectly when the product costs money, but not when the product doesn't cost money?


I am on a deadline and pretty desparate,



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It turns out that not every computer or browser gives this problem. On my computer it works just fine in Firefox, but doesn't in IE.

On a friends computer IE works fine.

On other computers it doesn't work on both Firefox or IE.


Could the problem be in the internet settings? What could be the problem then and how can I solve it?



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