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Popup box for customer to see examples


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Ok, I own a store where I personalize items. One of the things I do is engraving/etching of metal and glass gifts. I have one set of font choices for the metal items and another set of (different) fonts for glass items. I am setting up my store and have already figured out how to create several types of boxes (drop-down and free text) which is great because the customer can choose their font from a drop-down menu and then fill in the other boxes with the text that they want engraved/etched onto their item. Here's the problem....


Once the customer looks through our items and chooses one and clicks "Buy Now", they need to be able to look at a picture of our font examples so they can choose one from the drop-down box. I don't want to send them to another page to look at the examples. I'd like for them to be able to click on a button or link and have a box pop-up with a picture of the fonts and then close the box when they're done and make their choice from the drop-down menu. Then they can either continue shopping or proceed to check-out. I have no clue how to make a box pop up while they are in that stage of the process.


Please help! I've searched all over the forum and in the add-ons and I can't find anything! I'm sure it's simple to figure out if you know more HTML than I do. I know HTML for tables, bold, italics, paragraphs, etc.....but that's as far as my knowledge takes me! LOL

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