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Internal Server Error.....


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Ok, so I needed to make a test order and am now getting an Internal Server Error when making said test order. After digging around I find that it's not making order number 90. It's just making it 0 and the order thats failing is supposed to be 91, but since the order before was set to 0 it's trying to remake order number 1. So I deleted order 0 tried to redo another test order and am now getting the Internal Server Error and the order is being made as order_id 0. I've tried setting the length/value of orders_id to 100 and it's still making it 0.


Any ideas?

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So I fixed the internal server error, but it's still making the next order 0 and trying to make the second one 1 but giving me an error:


1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 1


No idea why...


Ok, figured it out, the orders_id table somehow got set to NOT auto-increment...no idea how or why... but it's fixed now...

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