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Price by size/weight


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We have a customer who sells custom blinds. Before we start an oscom shop for them, we need to have a means of allowing the customer to define a size and having the shop define a price for that blind.


We would need to define a price per square metre for each blind material/style, the product page would have to include two variable attributes that defined the width and height of the blind, this would then be calculated to provide an accurate price.


My question is, "Is there a contribution available that does this, or something similar?"


I've looked, but guessing how someone would describe this feature is damned hard. We can build this from scratch, but it is unlikely that the customer would be willing to pay for us to do that.

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Oscommerce does allow you to modify the price of products using attributes, however I have never seen it used to figure prices based off inputted figures.


I completely understand the obstacle you're up against. I work with a rubber molding company who does custom products. The reality is that there isn't enough attributes in the world to accommodate for all the possible variations you could have.


There are ways I can think of to make it work with OSC.


1. Sell blinds at cost per m^2. Use custom code and the quantity field to figure the price 24" * 48" = 1152" = 29.26m^2 rounded up = 30m^2 of material. Cost = 30 * unit price.

--This would require custom coding and input fields on the product listing which may have security risk if not handled sensitively.


2. List the material and use attributes to show 10 to 20 of the most popular sizes along with the price per m^2. If their size is not listed, then direct to a RFQ form.

--This would provide a presence in the search engines while still allowing the business to get the custom orders.


Hope this helps.

Good Luck,


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