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The e-commerce.

Where can i find the 'defines' for names of boxes,entries,etc?


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i would like to change the name of a box e.g. What's new to New arrivals.

Where can i find the 'defines' of constants in which files??


thanks, in advance

They are always going to be in the /%catalog%/includes/languages/ in either the %language%.php file or in the /%language%/ directory with the same name as the page where the term is used.


/%catalog%/ refers to the /catalog/ directory if that is where your shop root is, otherwise you site root.

%language% refers to whatever language your site is in or allows, if more than one.

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thanks for replying,


i would like to change some names in admin pages,

i would like to modify these names Configuration->Maximum Values->1. Manufactures List, 2. Manufactures Select Size,3.Length of manufactures name



Also,in configuration->product listing 4.display product manufacturer name


may you please tell me where are these 'defines'??I looked in catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/configuration.php but i cannot find them...


thanks, in advance

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No, the language can be changed to anything you want. But database tables should be left original unless you are willing to change ALL KINDS of other things too.





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