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Extra pages-info box w/admin 4.6.1


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I need help installing this addon. The name of my catalog and admin directories are different. Let's say they are cow and horse. Obviously, I will need to change something in the scrip for it to run. These are the things that I have changed. From the autoinstaller script:


class AutoInstaller



const xml_filename = "install.xml";

const unxml_filename = "uninstall.xml";

const backup_dir = "backup";

const files_dir = "files";

const catalog_dir = "cow"; (was "../")

const check_dir_if_exists = "cow/horse"; (was "admin")

const path_to_config = "cow/includes/configure.php"; (was "../includes/configure.php")


Does anyone know of anything else I need to change to get this to work. Right now I get as far as changing some file permissions and then as far as I can tell the script stops. There is no back up so I can't run the uninstall script. I have a backup if necessary.



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If you are going to use an auto-installer, you should change your admin back to admin and catalog back to catalog for the sake of the installation. Then rename them when you are done the installation.



The XML more than likely references default locations for the setup.





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I tried changing my admin back to admin and my catalog back to catalog this did not seem to work. Are there any recent (up-to-date) manual instructions for this addon? I am trying to install it from the old downnloads and bug fixes now don't know how that will work. Or is there another addon that does that same thing.



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