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How to load purchased template


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Extremely new to this. I sent up my osCommerce online merchant account and now my website actually pulls up something in the address but it has nothing to do with my purchased osCommerce template. How do I upload my purchased template in my online merchant account? Please help or point in the right direction if this topic has already been covered in detail.


Thanks for your help.

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The template provider should have given you some instructions


There are templates that are equal to a complete installation, in this case you drop all files and database you have and replace them by what you got from the template seller

There are other templates that replace just some files, in this case you need to replace just those files

There are also other templates hat are based on STS (or BTS), they require a STS installation (if not existing) and then to upload them to the specific template folder.


There is no general rule, you must ask the provider


Also, there is no "osCommerce online merchant account" to set up, you install files and Database and thats it, you don't need to sign up to any service, except you want to use sme payment modules such as paypal etc, where you need to set up an account separately

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I'm assuming upon purchase you received a zip file for the template? look for a text file (generally titled 'install' or 'info' or something I would guess?) if you read those instructions it will explain exactly how to upload your template for your store.


I'm going to guess that since you have only just installed the oscommerce default (assuming that's what you meant by online merchant account?) that you don't have any contributions to worry about so it's just a simple run of the mill overwrite (eg. each file in the template file should be uploaded and overwrite the file with the same name currently sitting on your website)


before you do anything read the file or contact the template distributer and get instructions...if you have access to a file manager program you would then just upload the necessary files to the correct oscommerce folder and say YES if it asks if you want to overwrite.

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