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Why 1 pixel off in IE?


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Does anyone know why my "center shop" settings would yield a 1-pixel difference when being rendered in IE than it does in Firefox?





If you compare those 2 links in Firefox, you see exactly the same around of spacing/padding around the header image.


If you compare the same 2 links in IE, you'll see a padding difference between the two.


Any idea what might cause this?

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I'm constantly doing battle with this problem. You'll also notice that font looks a tad different in the browsers. The differences between the two browsers is negligible on your site, so I personally wouldn't worry about it. In most cases if someone is using IE they are going to use IE throughout their experience. In your case, you wouldn't even notice it unless you open the site with both browsers and actually look for the issue.


What really gets me is designing a page and having it look and work perfect in FF, then finding things out of place in IE and script not working.


In short, I don't really know the answer to the question. Other then IE and FF handle code and display it differently.

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