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The e-commerce.

Easy questions here...


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Hi all


Ok, so from what I gather the shipping mods/addons just give live rates for orders then whom ever processes the orders on my end actually goes to UPS/USPS/FEDEX (website) and enter the info there to attain a label and tracking. Is this right? Or do the mods/addons setup all that for you and you just go the shipping website after the fact to print out the labels and copy/paste the tracking number into a confirmation email for your customers?


Is there something in place where the payment/shipping information and tracking number/shipping label/confirmation emails/ are processed all in one shot? Or do I just have to accomplish that through an assortment of addons?


I just want to ask before I take the few days to install the addons. such as USPXML_v1_3_7, uspsShippingWDeliveryTimeAndInsurance, Package Tracking Plus 2_2, order_editor_5_0_9. Side question would paypal interfere with any of the shipping mods?


any suggestions would rock the socks.

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All of the shipping add ons on the customer side are shipping estimators. I believe there are one or two add-on that work on the admin side and do create labels but I cannot point you to one. I would not be comfortable leaving that function to an automated add-on as any error might result in shipping delays or paying too much...


Your mileage will vary..

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any suggestions would rock the socks.


I am also headed down this road soon and would appreciate any suggestions from folks or a report of what you find out, Propaganda.


My #1 need is copying shipping information to the label making process so that nobody has to transpose by hand. That would be redundant an error-prone, not to mention silly. I'm going to need USPS and UPS.




osC is awesome. Thanks everyone.

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Well, I have not figured out much more yet. I am waiting for osCMax 2.1 to come out before I continue. (a week for the beta!)


However, Paypal integrates with UPS for sure and I think USPS perhaps. IDK, I don't have anything outside of a sandbox or a personal account setup yet.


Would anyone like to chime in about shipping procedures and such.

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