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The e-commerce.

i can't access my catalog page. ( possibly hacked)


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my site was hacked into a few days ago, i deleted it and reinstalled all my backup files, changed a few security settings that i was told to , and it was up and working again. But now i cant access it at all, it comes up with ' You don't have permission to access /catalog on this server' , now even after reinstalling the back up files it still comes up with this message. any suggestions?

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iam very new to all this, how can i tell if i banned myself? ive tried out all the permissions none of them seem to make a difference, what should it be set to anyway? this may sound a stupid question aswell, but i was thinking is it possible to reinstall oscommerce from scratch and simply bring in my catalog so i have the site up and running that way?

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Yes you can install a new catalog and sure your existing database, its more indepth than that but not much.

If you have made changes to the looks of the site then this will not carry over mind you.

As a rough rule permissions are

Files 644 Configre.php files 444

folder 755

Also you can just try to uolpad a new htaccess file and see if that clears it or not first.


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