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Can't change configure.php file permissions in filezilla


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Hi everyone,


Im having difficulty changing the file permission of configure.php. Im currently using Filezilla as my FTP client but whenever i change the file permission from the default 644 to 444 everything seems to work fine but once i check the new permission it reverts back to 644. Its driving me mad.


This is what Filezilla says when i change the permission: -


Status: Set permissions of '/public_html/includes/configure.php' to '444'

Command: SITE CHMOD 444 configure.php

Response: 200 Permissions changed on configure.php

Status: Retrieving directory listing...

Command: PASV

Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (173,205,126,94,132,206)

Command: MLSD

Response: 150 Accepted data connection

Response: 226-Options: -a -l

Response: 226 22 matches total

Status: Directory listing successful


Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? Many thanks, Sarah.

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That means your hosting provider has set it so you have to change permissions from cpanel and NOT an FTP.









Thankyou soo much for your help with this problem and the other, you've been a huge help. Thats exactly what it was, i just popped on to the file manager in cpanel and changed them and everythings working great. x

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