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The e-commerce.

How to show a product ONLY in one language and not in the other


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i use two languages in oscommerce.

Everytime i insert a new product, two entries are created in the database tables with the same product id

and different language ids.

e.g. (product id,language id)




Sometimes, i want some products to be shown to the user ONLY in one language, and NOT in both of them.

e.g. some books are translated only in one language and there are not translated in both languages.

so i would like them to appear only in one language and not in the other.

By default oscommerce (catalog/index.php) shows both entries .


How am i supposed to do that??


thanks, in advance

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May sm help me on that?


i don't know if you understand what i'm trying to say.


I have chosen to have two languages in my site.

That means that when i try to insert a new product in the admin pages, there are always two fields to fill

for each language.these are the fields which have two inputs:

1.Products Name

2.Products Description

3.Products URL


Sometimes, a product is ONLY available in one language and NOT in the other.

So, i do:



1.Products Name: Name of the book

2.Products Description: etc etc etc etc

3.Products URL: http://


1.Products Name: (empty)

2.Products Description: (empty)

3.Products URL: (empty)


I do NOT fill the second languages' fields, i leave them empty.

The system by default creates two entries in the db each for every language, even though the

fields of the second language are empty.


In the catalog/index.php when i choose the english language the product is shown with all the details.that's ok!

When i choose the second language i have a problem, cause the system shows a product with

no name,description or anything else.

Customers can still see that there is an entry there but with blank details!!!


What am i supposed to do in such a situation??

i do not wish customers to see products which are not available in their language, but the system shows them,

what am i supposed to do with that??

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