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Table Rates


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Hi there, I posted this on an existing thread but did not have any replies. I'm posting new in hope of some thoughts from anybody.


I am having a bit of confusion with table rates.


Currently, I have my table set up as follows:



I can confirm that my tare weight is set to zero.


Upon testing with a product that is set at .25 pounds for weight, It shows the correct shipping rate of $4.95 for 1, 2 and 3 items. However, when I have four items in the cart - which should reflect a weight of 1 pound - the shipping rate is then incorrectly reflected as $10.70.


Also, based on this setup, an order that totals 7 pounds should be charged $10.70 for shipping. However, when I go in and select 7 items that weigh one pound, the shipping is being bumped up to the next rate of $14.95.


As before, the tare weight for the packaging is set to zero as my intent is to create flat rates based on weight increments.


This is extremely frustrating, as I am spending WAY too much time trying to figure out something that appears to be fairly straightforward.


Is it possible that there is another setting somewhere that I have not yet adjusted?




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Any item(s) that total 7 or above will be charged 14.95 based on your above table rates. If the item was 6.9lbs, it would be charged 10.70


Also 1.1:4.95 is incorrect. Your table should be 0:0.00,1:4.95,7:10.70.


Use that as a sample. Orders 0 to 1 pound will be charged 4.95. Orders from 1.1 lb to 7 lbs will be charged 10.70 .......etc etc etc






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