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The e-commerce.

No admin srceen, 404 on admin/index.php


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Which osC 2.2 did you install? It must be 2.2 RC2a, and nothing earlier. Follow the instructions to secure your site in http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=313323 which include renaming admin to something unguessable of your choice. If you are installed in /catalog/, the path to the admin would be /catalog/admin/index.php, not /admin/index.php. Check the permissions of the directories -- should be 755 -- and files (should be 644, except 444 for configure.php files).

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1.THX for that security links thread, can be useful.

2.Mandy is Mandriva, Linux distribution


The problem is not the admin/index.php file or getting to it, no, the web-server just does not get a crafted by php page delivered to show. simple.

(lot of people, not you, seem to forget that apache does not serve php-files, but what it creates)


I looked in the apache logs (not on that PC now, just what I remenber), and somewhere down the line in .../admin/includes/classes/... a php file is wrong.


Error on line 31 (I believe): it read something like $this = NULL , which seems not OK.

Maybe my php stuff on the server is not OK, or the Mandriva supplied OSc package is not OK.


I could get OSc from OSc site, but like to get it from one place, in one software manager. If possible.

(version is 2.2, MS3 I believe)


Could get OSc from OSc to see what should be in that file.


Will look at it later again.

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$this = NULL;

is invalid in PHP 5. There is no osc 2.2 MS3. There's MS2, RC1, RC2, and RC2a (the youngest over two years old!). I would guess that you're still way back on MS2, which is quite out of date. Somewhere after MS2 they fixed the "$this" problem. Update to 2.2 RC2a (the final osC version) and that problem should go away.

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Somehow I thought something along those lines.

Running OSC-2.2 RC from OSC on this netbook now, no problems. (just testing)

I will report on the Mandriva Forum about this. AND that Mandriva still has it in the 2010 repository!

(done, search there on 'oscommerce')


Shame on them!

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