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Order Total into usable Variable invoice.php


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Hi all,


I am having a bit of trouble attempting to convert Order Total into a Variable to deduct PayPal merchant fees from it.

I require this as my client absorbs the merchant fee, they require this for paperwork. At the moment I am manually entering the total into the amount each time and producing the invoice.


Here is what I have at the moment and as you can see $Total has been manually entered. Any advice?


$Total = 203.50;

$Paypal = $Total * 0.024 + 0.30;
$NetTotal = $Total - $Paypal;

echo ' <tr>' . "\n".
	 ' <td align="right" class="smallText">' . 'Less Paypal:' . ' </td>' . "\n".
		 ' <td align="right" class="smallText">' . $currencies->format($Paypal) . '</td>' . "\n" .
	 ' </tr>' . "\n".
	 ' <tr>' . "\n".
	 ' ><td align="right" class="smallText">' . 'Net Payment:' . ' </td>' . "\n".
		 ' <td align="right" class="smallText">' . '<b>' . $currencies->format($NetTotal) . ' </b> ' . '</td>' . "\n" .
	 ' </tr>' . "\n".
	 ' <tr>' . "\n";

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The variable already exists, im not sure where you want this to show i take it you do not want it visible to the customer?

If you look in admin / includes / modules / index / orders.php you can see the make up there also you could add your own code and then use this file as a seperate file just for your own purpose.

Hope this helps


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