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Help with my first template


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Right this is my first attempt at setting up a shop so I'm learning as I go. My wife currently runs 3 websites which I designed for her and she wishes to have a shop that matches the look of her site here: www.pink-heaven-party-ideas.com.


So I currently have a fresh osCommerce install running under xampp on my computer and have successfully added STS. I have had a look at the sample themes and dived straight into my own which is great so far but now I've hit my first snag. If you look at my wife's site at the navigation menu in the left column this is how I wish the Categories infobox to look.


The menu is made up of a ul with class names for the header and the last li to specify the background of the header and the lack of dotted border on the last li. Now using the $categories$ tag in my template it is formatted into a table. I can style the a tags instead to get the dotted borders and I've put a div around the whole infobox in my infobox.php.html file to get the pink outline but heres my problem:


  • There are two extra rows in the outputted table that I wish to get rid of (the first and last) containing pixel_trans.gif
  • I wish to not have the dotted border on the last item in the list


I looked in includes/boxes/categories.php but the actual table itself doesn't seem to be constructed from here, only the middle tr containing all the links. It did have a br tag inbetween each link which I removed. I also need a class name attached to the last a tag so I can remove the border.


Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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You will have to edit the css and add custom images to build the column boxes to match the launch site. If you check basic design pack, STS or BTS you will find more information about layout customization.





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Thanks Chris. I managed to find the generated code for the info boxes in classes/boxes.php and commented out the lines that create the extra table rows that I didn't want.


Now I just need to find out how to add a "class=last" attribute to the last link in the category box so I can target it and remove the bottom border in the CSS. All the links are generated in boxes/categories.php and output in order. However my knowledge of PHP is very limited so I'm at a loss!

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