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The e-commerce.

Middle 8 credit card numbers back-up


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I have a recurring problem with OS Commerce, and wondered if anybody knows of a way around it.


I have enabled the facility to seperate the middle eight digits and send them via email.


The problem comes when there is a server problem. Last week there was a problem with Sendmail on the server, and I lost a batch of middle numbers. To then contact the customer and ask for the numbers does not instill confidence in them!


I was wondering if anybody knew of a way of writing these middle eight numbers to, say, a text file on the server, so that there was always a back-up?


It seems silly that if there is a glitch with sendmail I could lose a batch of orders, possibly running into thousands of pounds!


Hope someone can help...


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i'll vote for that development!!


and while we're at it... any advice on how to get the data from my old server to my new server? copied everything via shell, but during transit a transaction happened... and doesn't matter what i try, exporting one database to the other ends up with a whack of empty fields and no sign of the missing record... baffling...


anyway - it's not the end of the world, but a solution would be marvellous.

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