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remove birthdate in signup


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Either go into the Admin ... Configuration ... Customer Details and turn off the DOB ...


Or, in older versions, edit this in the application_top.php by doing a search on DOB

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I apologize but I think that I may be missing something here...or am thinking of the wrong thing entirely. I can't seem to find this: Admin...Config...Customer Details...


This is what I have under admin...config...:


Minimum Values

Maximum Values



Product Listing




E-Mail Options



Are you refering to when a customer creates an account?




God Bless,


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Older versions did not have the DOB in the admin except as a minimum value. You can turn it off completely in your catalog/includes/application_top.php


// Control what fields of the customer table are used

 define('ACCOUNT_GENDER', 'false');

 define('ACCOUNT_DOB', 'false');

 define('ACCOUNT_COMPANY', 'false');

 define('ACCOUNT_SUBURB', 'true');

 define('ACCOUNT_STATE', 'true');

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  • 8 months later...

Hi! Orphon


Should be able to get info on DOB, click edit and click on false

i tried to diable this funktions becouse I cant get it right with right format for me (yyyymmdd-cccc)

In admin mode I tried to changes Date of Birthday to "false" ,"0" or "no" but still not working??

And I tried to edit "config.php" but i cant find anything about "gender" "dob" a.s.o

please help me! :unsure:

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  • 3 months later...

I am using Version 2.2-MS2 and I don't have have the option you mentioned .... Admin ... Configuration ... Customer Details


Is it possible that when I upgraded I missed some files in Admin?

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