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Cannot set the price to €2.00 inc tax !


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Hi all, I have a very odd error that we have been living with for some time and now i started to look to see if I could see why but I cannot figure it out. I thought at first it was easy populate because we started noticing some prices changing after doing a batch upload from EP. Now I have tried setting the prices back from within the admin section and find I still have the same problem. I have "decimal places with tax" set to 4 points and have tried entering every figure either side of €2.00 to try and force the displayed price to €2.00 but it looks like the system is storing the base price without VAT at only 2 decimal places and then adding our local VAT of 18%. Adding 18% to 1.69 gives 1.99 and 1.70 gives 2.01 which is the problem I am seeing.


Can anyone advise on if I can change the base value to 3 decimal places so it will apply the tax correctly to give my needed selling price (1.695 would calculate to 2.0001 which I hope would display correctly)


Please let me know if any code snippets would be of help. I do have some contribs in and maybe this is where the problem started but I have no way of knowing what was set up when and how I could roll it back (plus having the time is a real problem)


here is a link to product which has its price set to €1.9999(inc Tax): http://binkycrafts.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=7311


Thanks all,

Tony / Binky Crafts


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The products database can handle up to 4 decimal places. And the price is stored in the database with the number of decimal places that you enter (up to 4) on the admin page where you specify the product's price. So if you enter 1.695, that is what will be stored in the database.


I'm guessing that the problem is with the VAT processing. Your currency, the Euro, is most likely configured to display 2 decimal places. (See Localization > Currencies in the admin pages to be sure.) So perhaps the code that processes the VAT is rounding before doing the calculations.


If you're okay with having prices displayed with 3 decimal places, you could just change the currency settings.



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