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Are some host packages too good to be true...?


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I was looking around at different web hosts and their packages. My current host offers what I think is quite alot on a shared hosting package compared to some hosts I've seen. But I came across a different host (won't mention any names) and asked them if they can match what my exisiting host offers as their details weren't very clear. They said they could offer:


"..All of those features and more. You will get 100 MySQL databases with unlimited space. Your webspace, bandwidth, FTP accounts, email accounts, Addon domains and subdomains are also unlimited."



Unlimited webspace, database space and bandwith,all for only £4.95 a month for a year's sign up :blink: I'm thinking there must be catch somewhere but don't know what it is. Can anyone enlighten me?

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The catch is the more wonderful a deal seems to be the more likely it is that it will be abused by people and have terrible support... remember you get what you pay for . If your website is business critical just think about how much revenue you will lose if it doesn't work and then work out if saving some money per month is worth the hassle, this is why I personally never touch anyone with the word "Unlimited" and pay good money for good service.


If you want to test the unlimited option, upload a (legal) 2GB movie and then share that with others... lets see just how long that lasts :lol:

Mark Evans

osCommerce Monkey & Lead Guitarist for "Sparky + the Monkeys" (Album on sale in all good record shops)



Software is like sex: It's better when it's free. (Linus Torvalds)

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Meh, they'll always get you somewhere. I don't see that they mention unlimited CPU usage (e.g., they limit you to 1% of CPU). That's a common "gotcha" when everything else is "unlimited". Limits on CPU memory (RAM) usage are also common. I really wish they'd stop playing these games and have a common, industry-wide code of conduct and truth-in-advertising.


If this was all really unlimited for 4.95/month, you'd see Amazon and Google hosting on them! There's got to be a limit somewhere. Look at hosting discussion groups, and also see what kind of gripes there commonly are on their own discussion groups.

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yes is like cable services. that is only for one year after that, you have to pay twice your intro price. you can no open a ew account under your name or use your current or parked domains in oerder to take advantage again of intro price.

that happened with bluehost and hostmonster.

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