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Translation of special letters dont work for Categories


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Geat job done for this Add-on Jack!


But there is a problem with special characters conversation for categories.


I made a row for special symbols like:


ā=>a,š=>s,ī=>i,ķ=>k,ģ=>g,ū=>u,ņ=>n,ļ=>l,ē=>e,ž=>z,č=>c,Ķ=>k,Ņ=>n,Ā=>a,Ē=>e,Ū=>u,Ī=>i,Š=>s,Ģ=>g,Ļ=>l,Ž=>z,Č=>c,é=>e,А=>A,Б=>B,В=>V,Г=>G,Д=>D,Е=>E,Ё=>E,Ж=>ZH,З=>Z,И=>I,Й=>I,К=>K,Л=>L,М=>M,Н=>N,О=>O,П=>P,Р=>R,С=>S,Т=>T,У=>U,Ф=>F,Х=>KH,Ц=>TS,Ч=>CH,Ш=>SH,Щ=>SHCH,Ы=>Y,Э=>E,Ю=>YU,Я=>YA,а=>a,б=>b etc.


It works fine for products, but removes all non-alphanumeric characters (option in admin set to false) in category names:(


I tryed to find a solution and it seems this makes a function:


* Function to check if the url is valid

* @author Jack York

* @version 1.1


function VerifyLink(&$pStop, $pStart) {

$r1 = $this->base_url.$this->uri_parsed['path'];

$p1 = strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path']);

$r2 = substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 0, $p1);

if (strpos($r1, $r2) === FALSE) {

return true;



/*** begin check for characters at end of string before .html ***/

$endStr = substr($this->uri_parsed['path'], $pStart + 3, $pStop - $pStart - 3);

if (! preg_match("/^([0-9_]+)/", $endStr)) {

$parts = explode("_",$endStr);

for ($p = 0; $p < count($parts); ++$p) {

$parts[$p] = (int)$parts[$p];


$newStr = implode("_", $parts);

$this->uri_parsed['path'] = str_replace($endStr, $newStr, $this->uri_parsed['path']);

$pStop = strpos($this->uri_parsed['path'], ".html"); //recalculate the end

return true;



return false;


It seems that the urls are checked before conversion of special symbols.


Is there a solution?


My site:


<a href="http://www.pulkstenis.lv/">www.pulkstenis.lv</a>


Thanks in advance


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