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Paypal Website Payments Std vs. Website Payment Pro (pay without login?)


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I've been Google-ing and searching / reading knowledgebase posts all over the place and have one very simple question that hopefully someone can answer.


Is it possible to setup osCommerce to allow people to make credit card payments WITHOUT logging into Paypal without a Paypal Website Payment Pro account?


Now, the big thing that has me hung up on this is, i'd rather not pay the $30 per month for Website Payment Pro. My little super basic online store has simple buttons that people click that jump customers over to Paypal where they could pay with debit and credit cards without logging in. This is working just great with my Paypal Business account. It appears that I am going to lose this functionality once I go live with osCommerce since there is no way to use these buttons with the shopping cart. This is a pretty big hit on my bottom line as I don't do much sales, just some basic merchandising.


So what's the deal? If i want to allow people to not login to paypal to checkout with credit cards, i need to upgrade my Paypal account to include a Website Payment Pro plan?


Hopefully someone can clear this up for me ASAP.



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If you use paypal standard it will give them a choice to use a credit card without signing up to paypal, or to use their account(at least that's what I beleive).


I appreciate all the help that everyone on this site has given me!

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