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The e-commerce.

code explanation ::: please explain


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$reviews_values = tep_db_fetch_array($reviews);

$reviews_text = htmlspecialchars($reviews_values['reviews_text']);

$reviews_text = tep_break_string($reviews_text, 60, '-<br>');


Ok, a bit of code from reviews. I understand the db calls then the changes to variables, but ... it's this tep_break_string that has me .... what's this "60" about ...


I've been trying to get a solution from not being able to see line breaks and I realized that reviews have been doing them nicely all along!!!


so would somebody mind helping?

NewsDesk(934) / FAQDesk(1106) / OrderCheck(1168) :::

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here's code from the catalog/includes/functions/general.php file :



// Break a word in a string if it is longer than a specified length ($len)

 function tep_break_string($string, $len, $break_char = '-') {


i would assume by the comment and the function header that the number 60 is the number of characters permited in a word before it wraps. it will use a hyphen as a break unless another parameter like the html <br> is passed.



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