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GZIP Compression


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GZip Compression appears to be applied (in includes/application_top.php) to the entire page (or not at all). I don't think there's any way to apply it to part of a page -- is that what you want to do? You might be able to modify includes/application_top.php and application_bottom.php to turn it off for selected pages. Would that do? I would just create a new flag to set at the top of those pages (before application_top is called) and add a check in application_top and application_bottom to see if that flag was defined, before doing any of the GZip stuff.


What are you trying to do that you need GZip Compression selectively turned off? It shouldn't corrupt a page in any way -- if it does, that's a server problem or a browser problem. The worst it should do is slow down the page creation a little bit (more CPU load), which would probably be balanced out by shorter HTML file transfer times. If you're experiencing browser reports of problems with bad compression, try turning off GZip Compression and see if it clears it up. If it does, and it's not confined to one browser, talk to your hosting service.

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