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Buy multiples of same item


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Soz for the newb question. I can imagine its been answered before but I can't find it and need to leave now to see the client.

How do/can I add a text box so customers can buy more than one of the same item. The site is for sushi (1euro a peace). everything was working fine just reclicking the buy now button untill the number of items went of the bottom of the page. The page refresh means the customer has to roll down to get back to the same item. I need then to be able to type eg. 5 then click buy now.


I'm using version 2.2


Thanks alot for any help

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I seem to have found a few add ons. But most aren't clear if they are for the product page or for buy now buttons. Some say change some code but the code they say to change dosnt match what I have.:)


Anyone used/suggest one for buy now button.

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Changed 2 files (named without tpl) lines were not exactly the same. It's given me the box fine buy only in the items page (add to cart). Is there a way to get a box for buy now buttons?



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Anyone got/used one for buy now buttons. Still not got one to work and I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.

Half eaten cookie for the correct answer. :)


Anyone? Soz but the rest of the shop is done but can't release it without the buynow buttons working right.


I'll make it a full cookie!

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