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newbie alert!!


I have inherited a website development project that was started in osCommerce so I'm just trying to follow the breadcrumbs.


I'm having problems with images and I'm not finding the really basic, starting from scratch information that I'm looking for. Maybe someone knows about a post that you can direct me to.


Meanwhile, I'm trying to edit a product where the wrong image was assigned to it. So when I go into that product and click on the image tab I see that I can do either a remote file upload or choose a local file. That seems like it should be really simple and straightforward but when I click on the remote file upload nothing happens at all. I was expecting to get a box that would allow me to browse to a file, select it and then upload it. But nothing like that happens.


When I click on the local files there is a statement telling me that I can select from the following listing of files and then below that there is a text box that has a file listed in it called miniduo.png. Being the newbie that I am, I have absolutely no idea what this file is and when I searched for it in the knowledge base I didn't find anything. Below this text box there is a path name to a a file called upoload.


I have no idea what to do with any of this information on this product image screen.


I am also puzzled about the images in general. Below the text box that I mentioned there is an original image and then below that are four other images: original, product information, thumbnail and mini. Now I believe that I read in some post that osCommerce automatically creates a thumbnail when you upload an image. I'm wondering how these other images came into existence. They all seem to have the same name but they are in different folders.


I've been poking around in the knowledge base trying to find a thorough and very basic post on images in general and just haven't been able to find it. If anyone can answer any of my questions and/or point me to a post on images that would give me the background information I obviously need, it would be very much appreciated.


Thanks so much.



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Simply choose another file to over-write the existing image file. For remote uploads of images, you will need to enter the image url in that field.





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