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Concert Tickets at Will Call


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I have a client who needs to sell tickets to events via OsComm. These 3 things need to happen:


1) The customer needs to be able to enter the number of tickets that they want for the event.

2) The product needs to expire when the event is over.

3) The tickets need to be able to have the tickets available at will call (no shipping).


Any PHP gods out there want to take a stab at this? It sure would be a great add-on for comedy clubs, nightclubs, community events, etc.






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Yes, a great idea. I have a client who is selling seats on monthly trips to go skiing as part of a club and wine-tasting events where there's only 12 seats in the courtesy bus, etc. Members of the association need to be able purchase tickets or reserved seats for these events all the time. This seems perfect for OSCommerce. Somehow include Ivan's wonderful Calender of Events, the newsletter subscription, etc.


Any Scripters out there want to take a stab at this $$$ ??? I have great ideas, but no PHP chops :blink: :(


Plus, a way to have people sign up online, with a fill out form and then a link to payment option, a reminder of yearly subscription renewal 1 month ahead of time in 1 week increments until they renew with options to renew multiple years at a time? Just some ideas that would really open up OSC for some clubs and organizations that have memberships with dues, etc.




/eric young :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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I look for this contribution too. So I fully support your coding. Unfortunaly Iam a php rooky...

I found a contribution for paysystems that support there subscription feature.

Maybe look at this too discover how to impliment it in osc.


I like to add this too for paypal but cannot find it.


And yes email reminder when subscribtion date ends would be great feature.


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