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The e-commerce.

[HELP] Login.php is blank and cannot be fixed!


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I have this "blank page error" in one of my oscommerce.


previously, i installed oscommerce, and works fine until i need the second oscommerce on the same website.

because my company have 2 different rules of selling products for Domestic customer and International customer.


so i read a LOT how to "clone" oscommerce on the net, since i already adding plenty of products and modules on my first oscommerce.


first oscommerce, for domestic customer is located on : www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom/catalog

database name : ecom


second oscommerce, for international customer is located on : www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom2/catalog

database name : ecom2


i copied "catalog" folder from the first oscommerce and modified "admin/includes/configure.php" and "includes/configure.php" and changed the value "www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom/catalog" to "www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom2/catalog" and also database value from ecom changed to ecom2


so now basically i have 2 oscommerce, one for domestic customer and another one for international customer. and here's how the blank page error begins...


everything works well, i log in into first oscommerce (ecom) and made some change, then log in to second oscommerce(ecom2) also made some modifications there.


but after i restart my computer, and trying to login to first oscommerce (www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom/catalog/admin/), it's show a BLANK PAGE.

meanwhile in second oscommerce (www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom/catalog/admin/) it's works fine.


I try to search on the net how to fixed this "blank page" but nothing solve my problem.


until i found out the error is from the database.

when i desperate, i try to drop all the tables from ecom database, and install a fresh new oscommerce. and it is works. But again after I restart the computer, the first oscommerce ( that i just freshly re-installed ) shows a BLANK PAGE on "www.mysite.com/nov06/ecom/catalog/admin/". Meanwhile the catalog itself is safe and loud, only the admin page was blank, basically customer can still use the catalog, only the admin shows blank.


then i try again to empty ecom database, and import tables from ecom2 database (second oscommerce), and boom... first oscommerce works, and the second too, but AGAIN after i restart the computer, WITHOUT changing any of the first oscommerce file, its show a blank page on admin again...


now i really stressed out and desperate because of this....


any help please...?

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