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Non-Scrolling Background

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Hey guys,


So I'm still pretty new to the OsCommerce stuff but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I have a bit of a problem here though and I have no idea how to fix it, nor have I been able to find a solution!


I had a lot of white space on both sides of my site so I decided to create a background with our logo and some of our info on it. I used a HUGE picture (1680x1400), centered it and simply edited the top part to fit the site. When I visit the site on my computer it looks exactly how I want it to look, I'm completely satisfied, however when I go on somebody else's computer the background re-adjusts itself to the new resolution and is blurred and some info is cut off. Is it possible to get the background to show on every computer as it does on mine?


Here is the current background image:



Here is my site


This is how it looks on my computer:



This is the code I am using for the background image: (under BODY in StyleSheet.css)


{background-image : url('images/soccer_bkg.gif');

background-repeat : no-repeat;

background-position : center top;

background-attachment : fixed;

color : #000000;

margin : 0; }


All help is greatly appreciated :)

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with STS, you can bring any design concept to markup- assuming you have an some understanding of css. This is a nice background image/site.


I am assuming that if you are asking, your css is not strong enough to modify/test/ such a complex nested css working in all browsers. no offense meant at all!


I can tell you a compromise would be alot easier for you and have attached a key that should help you get going.



I hope that helps!

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