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The e-commerce.

how to export my store datas and product to my new domain and online store


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how to export/copy my products from my old onlinestore to my new domain and new online store?


please help..






This has been a lifesaver for me when dealing with moving databases / or tables.




In your old host go to the MyPHP admin and click the table you want to get. Then click the Export data. I like to use the delayed inserts and save it as gzip. Upload this file to the folder in which you have your bigdump.php and go to that url you should see a list of files in that folder and an action button to insert the gzipped file.

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It is a matter of exporting the data from your old host, and importing it to your new host.


Most host cPanel's have the import and export feature already. Just go to your MyPHP admin to access it.


1. Go to Old Host "export"

2. Go to New Host "import"


You can also create a backup from your old host and then import it to your new host. The PROBLEM is that oscommerce can become very large. So you have to break up the import process if you don't want the server to time out on you. The link I posted above is a script that does that for you.


It really doesn't get much easier then that unless you tell your new host to do it for you...


Bigdump.php is very easy to setup.. just give it the right username and password upload it to your site, upload your "export or backup" from the old host to the same directory in which bigdump.php is in and then go to the url yoursite.com/bigdump.php You'll see the export or backup in the list and then just click start...

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