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Unique email address


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at one time, osc would check to see if your email address was already in the database before it allows you to sign up.


It does not do that anymore. I think having two accounts with the same email may confuse the database, so is there any way to make it check to make sure no one else is using that email already?

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I have snapshot 02-22-2003 loaded and cannot add a duplicate email address.


Hello Ajeh - I have problem and hope that you or someone else reading this might have a solution.


I have noticed that some customers who bought items claim they login to view their history but can't see nothing in the history section - stating the customer never made a purchase.


After investigating a bit I noticed in the db that the customer had two account one after another. So, let's say the first is customer_id 444 then the duplicate will be customer_id 445. All of their info is the same except the password. Then, looking into the orders, I see that the customer_id in Table_Orders is actually the first customer_id in Table_customers. In my example, in Table_orders customer_id = 444 but should be 445. So, for now I am manually changing all of the customers_id in table_orders.


Fortunately, this is not something that happens everytime a customer signs up. I can not detect a pattern. But it seems to happen when at least 10 customers signup but definately happens before 20 sign up. this is just a range. Now, unfortuneately, with this range, it is hard to say what or when the problem is taking place. I have made several dummy accounts and cannot produce this error.


I have asked several of the duplicate customers if they had any problems when filling out the form and all of them said none at all.


The only thing I can think of is that when I changed my login.php that this somehow caused a problem - but why the randomness.


What I did to the login page is actually add the create_account.php. Take a look at the code: http://www.mcneelysdepot.com/login.txt


Beside the randoness, osc is not suppose to allow accounts to have the same email address. In case you are wondering I am using the MS1 from 2/2003. This problem did not exist early on. I have like 200+ customers and watch the customer details closely since we sell high priced items. I started noticing this happening about 2 months ago. If you like I can provide you with whatever else you need. Hope you have some clues on this one.




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I got the same bug.

I reproduced it by just double-clicking on the validation button.

In the create_account_process.php script, it first check if email exists, then prepare data, then insert customer into database.

Has anyone an ide? to solve this problem ?

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