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Loss of Admin Format


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I seem to have a strange problem.


I have loaded MS1 twice using the auto install script (Have to correct secure server address as on shared server hosting with different SSL path).


Everything is fine (besides the odd bit of HTML showing in the catalog pages, which seems to point to a missing ">" in the code)


Then the next day, when loading Admin INDEX.PHP (in I.E. 6) instead of text links in ALL the boxes, and under some of the headings (e.g. Configuration) the links are showing as:-


BOX_ENTRY_BUG_REPORTS - (instead of "Bug Reports") for example


But under Netscape 7 browser they are (at present) O.K.


HOWEVER, under both browsers any link followed opens the Admin options in plain HTML text links (not the sexy look originally seen) and no images load (i.e. the Edit button) with no table layout apparent (i.e. different coloured lines for each option). Strangely this part looks better under I.E.6 !


I did not reload the Database - so assume we can rule that out.


Running under Linux/PHP Version 4.1.2/MySQL 3.23.38


Have also attempted editing .htaccess file, in root and Catalog directory, to use "DirectoryIndex" to load default.php - without success.


I am PHP novice.

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Back Again.


I downloaded the php files from a mirror site and uploaded them again and there is an improvement. :)


Admin now keeps it table format for most of the options, although the odd "<table ... " text is showing in some pages indicating a html problem.


However, although working O.K. under Netscape 7 (always more HTML unforgiving !!) - under Explorer 6 the Admin Index.php page is still as described above. :(


Also the Catalog Default.php loading is a bit hit and miss after the Languages Box - sometimes only one flag shows followed by html text and no Currency Box or Footer bar etc, and sometimes it only the Footer bar & below missing, and somtimes it loads in full down to the credits. :(

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