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Multiple Shops


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Hey Ya'll


Been a while since i have been here ... I started using OSC yearssssssssssss ago ... recently i moved to Magento to have a gander ... but im back.


I looking for people that have multiple shops on the one install of OSC ... What i want to do is setup a hosted shop solution for people one admin area that controls different website ... I have seen the multiple stores contribution, but im wondering if this only allows you to sort the categories / products into different shops.


What about the configurations, shipping, payment modules etc etc ... does anyone know if this gets seperated?


I would love some suggestions .. the more the better


Thanks All!!!!

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Well... what are you looking for when you say "multiple shops"? Are they to be completely independent from each other? In that case, just install osC separately for each store, with its own customization and settings, and own database. They are operated separately. It takes more space and more effort initially, but in the long run allows the separate stores to go their own way (different product structure, different add-ons, etc.). Are you looking to partially combine operations -- say, a common shopping cart for multiple shops/departments, or act as "landlord" for multiple administrators, each responsible for their own merchandise on a commission system, but sharing checkout? There are so many things that could be done under the umbrella of "multiple shops"; we need an idea of what you're looking to accomplish here.

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