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The e-commerce.

Problem with new products


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Hi, i just want to lear more, i'm new using oscommerce, and i have a problem, when i upload products with the easypopulate(csv file) i upload 60 new products or more, and they have in the field v_date_added the date of the day when were uploaded, but in teh database the date is december 31 of 1969, so in the box new for this month, they dont appear, really appreciate your help, to avoid changing product by product, because this month I need to upload 480 products, thanks.

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What format is the date in the the csv file?


You could set the date on one product and then export the file to see how it should be formatted.





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thank you for answer, the date format that i use is this: 01/07/2010 09:32:00 a.m.


i did waht u say, take the format from csv file that i got from easy populate first. but the error still, i try use only the date without time, but it does not work.


do you have other solution?



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