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When clients login they are seeing other clients addresses


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I have searched on the forum, but cannot find anything on this. (the search terms are difficult)


This is happening more frequently. A client logins after putting something into their cart (they are usually an old client, not a just created new one), as they go to check out, the shipping address and details of the account holder belong to another client! Of course they stop checking out because the security is in question... fair enough!


What we think is happening is when a few people are checking out together at the same time, the addresses are somehow getting messed up. Therefore we are thinking its a sessions issue (just a hunch)


Does anyone have any idea how we can prevent this happening as we are a very busy website store and this is not good, we are only getting busier!!


Any help would be really greatly appreciated.


To note - we have checkout without account contrib installed - this could be another reason besides sessions?

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what are your seession settings within admin?


Yes completely wrong! I just found the part in the forum which says what my settings should be


from here http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=180560&pid=1411339&mode=threaded&start=#entry1411339


So I have corrected them in configuration to the following:


Session Directory tmp

Force Cookie Use False

Check SSL Session ID False

Check User Agent True (was false)

Check IP Address True (was false)

Prevent Spider Sessions True

Recreate Session True (was false)


I think and hope that I can report back that this wont happen again. Thank you!

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An update: we are testing it with the parameters as is and the negative is, when we both enter with the same session ID it throws both of us out (there are two of us testing it) - instead of re-creating a new session ID. So now looking for a solution for this, because as you can imagine, you would have people leaving the store if they are just going to loop back to the loging page all the time.

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