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The e-commerce.

Is this just the computer im on or an external problem?


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This morning i google'd my site Google Search - See Here When i follow the link it seems to try to take me to sensationworld.ru & AVG tells me about an Exploit Rogue Security Threat


I am going to be trying this on various computers today but can anyone advise me on what action to take with this?


Regards, Mike.

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Fix your site which has been hacked.

Lock it down so future hacks will be unsuccessful.

Inform Google (via webmaster tools) that your site is now cleansed.


There are commercial services available to deal with this for you.

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What did you do to solve the issue? and does os commerce require java? as im getting the same redirection to sensationworld.ru however if i type the link (cut / paste) its fine but clicking the same link thru google brings the redirection up.


I ask about java because the particular link im looking at now which is redirecting is in the products info php file and i have, which could explain the redirection?



<script language="javascript"><!--

function popupWindow(url) {




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