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Local Store with Local Delivery


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Hello guys!


First topic here!


Here's the problem, i'm not an expert in programming and i need some help! I work with several kinds of IT services, but most of the services are hardware related so, as i said before, programming is not my thing. And i have a cliente who wants an Oscommerce website for his products. The thing is, he wants to deliver the products only in two cities because he will hire a guy to do this service. So, the OsCommerce don't have to show the list of all countries or states, actually he don't want that customers from other country/state register in his website (this is a thing for the future).


And, here's the deal, since the delivery is local, the delivery prices will vary from one suburb to another, for example, only people in NY and NJ can register in the website, the guy who lives in NY, Brooklyn will have a delivery price for the product and the guy who lives in NY, Manhattan will pay another delivery price and so on....


How can i do that guys???


Thanx in advance and sorry for the bad english, brazilian guy here!


P.S.: Maybe the suburbs can be selected in a dropdown menu to avoid OsC errors???

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I'm bumping this old topic because I need the same thing.

I'd like to have a dropdown list of areas teat the store delivers to so that, if the client can't find his suburb in the list, to not continue with the order.


Is there a specific way or add-on to replace the free text field on user registration with a drop down menu with a list of areas?

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1) Remove all the states except the ones you want to service. ( /admin/localization/ )

2) Set up zones to the cities you want to deliver to in admin/locations/taxes>> tax zones

3) Then add the Local Delivery Module and set up zones and delivery fee if any.






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I've tried to setup this module so that customers will have a dropdown field to select their zone on the registration page but no luck yet.

What are the steps required to do so?


I've added the files to the root of my site, added some zones to my country in the admin panel but still no dropdown menu. Sometimes the documentation on modules is so limited it's like we ought to know how to configure everything by ourselves.

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