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Product Attributes - Order Page


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Have tried to fins a solution why product attributes do not show in Order confirmation nor email notification to customer.


I have changed checkout_confirmation.php and checkout_process.php to vanilla files (no mods added) and still do not show

attributes. Am pulling hair out at this point.


Attributes show nicely in shopping cart but seems that they do not get passed to order which in tun, do not get procedd to the DB as well.


I see many possible solutions out there but none so far has done the trick.


I have QT Pro and PWA installed.


I have also tried deleting products and reading them thinking maybe a cache issue but nothing!



If sombody has a solition, please let me know....Thanks site address ladybugshoes.com

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I'm having the same problem. Am running osCommerce 2.2ms2 051113 and PayPal IPN 2.4.


Product attributes, including customer definable attributes, were working fine and showing up in the orders until we upgraded from PayPal IPN 2.3 to 2.4. Now only selectable attributes are showing up in the orders, but any attributes defined by the customer (e.g., entering a name in a text bo box so that it can be embroidered on a shirt) are being displayed as "TEXT" on the email order confirmation as well as on the orders.


I'd also like to have the customer's email address displayed on the email order confirmation and can't seem to make that work either.




Cathy......not osCommerce savvy

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