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Customer Specific Products


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There is this one Hidden Products Last Update: by imefisto / 7 Aug 2009

Author Details:

Hidden Products is designed to have products only approved customers can see.


You can also use this if you have no approved customers and want hidden products for other reasons.


The documentation is basically non-existant. So be sure to backup.


This is designed to have the Hidden Product remain hidden regardless of what box, number of purchases, reviews, listings, what's new, etc.


Any one sees a Hidden Product when not logged in or not set to an approved customer, please let me know.


and this one Simply Hide Products Laste Update: by Pronux / 16 May 2010

Author Details:


With this contribution it is possible to hide products and/or categories and make them visible only to specified customers.

If a category is marked as hidden, all subcategories and products in the category will also be hidden.



Mit dieser Erweiterung können Artikel und/oder Kategorien ausgeblendet und nur für bestimmte Kunden sichtbar gemacht werden.

Falls eine Kategorie ausgeblendet wurde, sind sämtliche Subkategorien und Artikel darin ebenfalls unsichtbar.


Screenshots & Support Forum of SHP:


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Is there an add-on that anyone is aware of in osCommerce that will asign a product specific to one customer? No other customers would ever need to see this product.

SPPC (#716) and Hide Products for Customer Groups for SPPC? Quite a big addon though. Just noticed in the previous post another contribution is mentioned. Never tried that but sounds like it will do the job.

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Well I've never used either of them.


Its for customers to re-order commonly ordered supplies with their logo on it. For instance, letterhead or labels specific to their company. There might be 10 products like this for one particular customer.



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