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New Contribution to Print Admin Orders Invoice


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New Contribution to Print Admin/Orders Invoice.php from the checkout success page.


From a prievious topic:


I went ahead and created the contribution for this!

minus symbolic links and the partridges.


it can be found at in Zip format:




in tar.gz format


I accidentally posted them once each in features instead of adding one to

the other. Maybe I can get help fixing that.


If anyone wants to try it first I will set up a demo.

For Linda and Mattice I will give access to my pre live shop to test.

email me or IM russmcduck@aol




OK guys this is my first osc contribution. It works great on my site and one of my customers as well.


This contribution will place the invoice button from admin

on checkout_success.php along wih order # and a message of instruction.

the invoice.php that pops up from this button will be located in

catalog/ and has Print Invoice Links top and bottom.


My only warning is that I only am using English with US Currency!

Not sure if that will matter.


invoice.php for catalog/ is included

file modification are in the Readme and

corresponding .txt files in the appropriate folders as well as button_invoice.gif


Hope this is Helpful!




Sorry if I lack support on this, I am out of town allot.

Any help would be awsome!

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Ive installed this (double checked the install too) and i think its a wonderful looking mod with a nice invioce button but...


Theres some problems:


1) It grabs the invoice from the admin section and my admin directory is closed to public access.


2) The invoice doesnt look anything like the invoice you print in that admin section at all. In fact it looks real bad.


I feel real bad saying this but thats what i get from this mod.

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BTW, forgot to mention that it would be cool if there was a print order information in your account history where you could just print the Order Information without the header, footer, left or right collumn.

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  • 6 months later...

I have tried all the fixes in the forum but for some reason my system is not holding the


$last_order = $insert_id;

$oID = $last_order;




So it is not displaying the Order number on the checkout_success.php page nor is it adding the order number to the clickable invoice link so to display the Order Invoice Requested


Any Idea;s

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