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pdesigner t-shirt module unicode ?


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Hello everybody!


I recently purchased a module for customizing t-shirt. The problem is that I cannot enter characters other than Latin..


Does anybody heard of this module? Does anyone know if there is any way to solve this?



I am running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a


Thank you in advance!

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First, is your site itself displaying in UTF-8? Is the database UTF-8? Is it just the module in question that's not properly handling Unicode? In that case, my guess would be that the PHP code in the module is performing string and character operations on input text, and it's using the default single-byte character library to manipulate text, rather than the "mb_" MultiByte string library. You might ask the provider of the module if they would provide a Unicode-friendly module. If not, you could get someone to modify the module's code for you. I'm guessing from your name that you're interested in either Greek or Cyrillic text, which are two bytes per character.

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You are absolutely right! I already contacted a programmer to do it for me. I prefer to do it someone who knows this kind of stuff instead of trying myself and messing up..



Can you suggest me a programmer who can help me?

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