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Tell ME I am WRONG ! downloads over 11 megs blow up


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Downloads over 11 Megs trough OSC blow up.


Server setup

win2k sp3 all patches applied, IIS 5.0

ISA server SP1 with feature pack installed


Win2k is a dual 800 512 ram

ISA server dual Pentium pro 200 Megs of ram

ISA server is multi homed




The fact that I can download with a direct URL to the file with out an issue leads me to OSC as being the problem. One thing I did notice during the download process through the store is that (Time remaining) is UNKOWN

While using the direct link to the file it states the correct time remaining.


1. When downloading a file over 11 Megs through the store the downloads are blowing up. At first glance one may think it?s a server issue and not a code issue. Ok with that it mind I took steps to PROVE ME WRONG.


1. I setup a Html file with a direct link to the file or files and located them in the OSC directory guess what I got the file with out any issues.

2. I then retested the download function through the store and Walla it blew up.

3. I moved the server from web publishing rule to server publishing rule this is a ISA server function when this is done it removes your server from a secure NAT and basically sets the server up to the outside with out using any of the proxy stuff... I thought this may be an issue.


4. I tested my html doc with link to file and it worked!

5. I again tested download through store 11.1 Megs and it blew up!


7. I then tried Fopen code replace the stock code in the download php this made things very bad I could only get 500k of the file .


The point of rupture for downloads through OSC is very constant @ 11 Megs. I am hoping I don't know what the hell I am talking about and this is all a big mistake on my part with a configuration value that?s wrong that would make me very happy!

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I am finding that after 5 min the downloads time out ?


does anyone know where this time out is set or coming from I have tweaked the PHP.ini file and still 5 min timeout ... for downloads



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To use the ISAPI module, do the following:



If you don't want to perform HTTP Authentication using PHP, you can (and should) skip this step. Under ISAPI Filters, add a new ISAPI filter. Use PHP as the filter name, and supply a path to the php4isapi.dll.


Under 'Home Directory', click on the 'Configuration' button. Add a new entry to the Application Mappings. Use the path to the php4isapi.dll as the Executable, supply .php as the extension, leave Method exclusions blank, and check the Script engine checkbox.


Stop IIS completely (NET STOP iisadmin)


Start IIS again (NET START w3svc)


I followed the IIS4.0+ install instructions, and kept getting HTTP 500 - Internal Server Errors. This was solved by copying php4ts.dll to winntsystem32.

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