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recently moved and some buttons don't show

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I hope someone can assist me on this one. We recently moved hosting companies, we run so much faster now, but since the move I cannot figure out why some buttons on my store don't have images.


Buttons such as: Add to Cart, Write a Review, Buy Now, Continue, Back etc. Most everything else is there. Also, I checked the folder that holds these button images: catalog//includes/languages/english/images/buttons


Does anyone know what might have happened? All of my own images are there. Just the buttons that come with oscommerce.




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Hi jonasgrumby,


Well, I actually went on the tech support chat with the host I am now with. I am so impressed actually with their knowledge. I did look in the file that you mentioned. There is something wacky there but that was not actually the problem. The tech support person found that my .htaccess was blocking the permissions and as soon as he fixed it...ta da, my icon images showed up.


I guess the only thing I am wondering now, in my configure.php the only line that seems wrong says this:


define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://www.mywebsite.com'); // eg, http://oldusername.ipowermysql.com - should not be empty for productive servers


Now, normally I don't like to put real names in there but as you can see ipower was our old host. I don't know that this line actually affects anything. Everything else there is our new path name for our database and is correct. This line shows up twice in the configure.php and the store runs great, so I don't know if it should even be touched. What are your thoughts here?


Thanks so much, (anyone want a good new hosting company that does not resell or host themselves, pm me, I couldn't be happier where we are!)


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